Death Cult



“No one said taking out a 6000 year old death cult would be easy.”​

The Sephirot Map follows the evolution of an occult belief system that relishes in human sacrifice & war, and uses banking as a tool for global domination.  It is not a reinterpretation of the Kabbalistic tree of life, but is designed to reference key ideas contained within its nodes using graphic elements.  It is a trisected timeline that covers a period from biblical times through 1913.

The supreme deity of this cult goes by many names; Baal, Moloch, Lucifer…  One could argue that there are technically two factions among these occultists,  the Satanists and the Luciferians, but once the flesh starts flying, only a psychopath would appreciate the subtle difference.  The constant theme through this deity’s many incarnations is its insatiable appetite and demand for blood sacrifice.  Animals and humans alike serve as offerings to Baal, but the highest form of offering is that of a child.  Ritualistic cannibalism is the holy grail of these dark zealots.
All elite secret societies are interlinked as shown on this map, even though they may, at times throughout history, have been at odds, and even at war, with one another.  It’s been a cut-throat power struggle, fought tooth & nail between these groups.  Cannibals seem to have a propensity for cannibalizing each other, along with their innocent victims!  Yet somehow, despite their malicious infighting, they manage to be significantly more organized, and far more deadly, than the general peace-loving population.

When a certain society’s reputation becomes too tarnished, and the populous starts waking up en-mass to the depths of their accustomed depravity, they simply go underground for a period, only to re-emerge with a new name.  Freemasons consider themselves to be the heirs of the Templars, who were burnt on stakes in 1307 amongst accusations of Baphomet worship.  The Illuminati was founded by a Jesuit professor of Canon Law shortly after the Jesuits’ suppression, the result of a long run of papal assassinations and sedition conspiracies against the European monarchies.

The core values of these societies are elitism and deception.  Even the majority of the members are kept in the dark as to the secrets of the highest order.  As Albert Pike revealed, “Lucifer is God,” but only advanced degree Masons are told who the deity of their fraternity truly is.  Good men caught up in these organizations, of which there are many in all cases, will find themselves aligned with the lower tiers of the hierarchy, while Evil will be encouraged to gravitate towards the top.
If all three Abrahamic religions have been pagan at their core since their beginning, who is the majority of the world’s population really worshiping? Who are we feeding our energy to?  Humanity has been treacherously betrayed by its leaders of both church and state for centuries, but the extent of their crimes has yet to be fully assimilated.

This is the power structure that humanity is up against. The force behind this cult of evil is evidently anti-humanity, and likely non-human itself.  Psychopathy derives from the reptilian brain.  Satan, Pindar, Lord Archon are all names that refer to a leader who remains hidden behind a veil.  “I Am That I Am.”  The people in charge today are the same people who carried out the Inquisition.  Their God is a sadist of the highest order.

These people are sick!!!




“A red granite stele placed between the front paws of the Sphinx tells the story. A young prince, out hunting lions in the western desert, camps for the night on the edge of the Gizah plateau. While he sleeps, he is visited by a four-faced vision of Re-Harrakte, who tells the young prince that if only he will clear the sand from the Sphinx, an image of Re-Harrakte, the prince will become Pharaoh. The prince does so and later becomes Tutmose IV, who placed the stele in commemoration of the event.
This simple story both reveals and conceals a myriad of complexities. The stele itself attests to the storys reality, but the meaning of this mystical encounter on Gizah remains elusive unless it is seen as the opening movement of what would become Ahkenatons cultural and religious revolution. From that perspective, Tutmose IVs encounter with the divine on the Gizah plateau becomes one of the turning points in human history. The New Kingdom at that moment was in a period of consolidation under Tutmoses father Amenhotep II. The long and aggressive reign of Tutmose III had carved out a vast empire and his son, Amenhotep II, was
determined to hold onto every last hectare of it. His sons were warrior princes who ruled like regents over portions of the Two Lands. Except Tutmose, who stayed in Memphis and seems to have lived the life of a New Kingdom aristocrat to the fullest.
Details are vague, but eventually, Tutmose did become Pharaoh and displayed his gratitude to the sages of Heliopolis by cleaning the sand away from the Sphinx. This gesture suggests not only a debt to the political forces of Heliopolis, but a debt to the old god, Re-Harrakte. Translated as “Re – Horus of the Two Horizons,” Re-Harrakte was an ancient formulation of the transformative aspects of Egyptian sacred science. As such, it encompassed the secret core of the ancient unified field of knowledge, the fusion of time and transmutation.”a








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